Lena Zühlke

Worship and Water Pollution of the Ganges

Interrelation of the Ecological Problems of the River Ganga and its Religious Importance

april 2020, 314 s., kart., format 225 x 155 mm
isbn 978-3-947729-13-5
reihe Das regionale Fachbuch

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The Ganges – as the holiest river of India – is closely connected with the religious life of all Hindus. At the same time, it is the lifeline for an entire region, and its intensive economic use has resulted in causing considerable pollution. It is biologically almost dead in some places.

In her book, Lena Zühlke analyzes the different mosaic pieces that make up the public image of the state of crisis of the holy river: the role of religion in the perception of ecological problems, how the ecological state affects the ritual practice and the belief in the goddess Ganga, and what the causes of ecological pollution are. It becomes apparent that religious faith and ecological demands must go hand in hand if the holy river is to have a future as an intact habitat. The book concludes by proposing education-based solutions within the context of the highly religious society of India.



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