Cover - One Year on the Scene

Claudia Seise

One Year on the Scene

Contemporary Art in Indonesia

august 2010, 170 s., kart., format 225 x 155 mm
isbn 978-3-940132-16-1
reihe Themen der Welt


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Indonesian Contemporary Art is an important feature of Indonesian identity and culture. Both well known and young unknown artists and their activities in the local and national art scene form a great part of contemporary art in Indonesia.

The book focuses on the art and culture metropolis Yogyakarta where art and culture belong to everyday life. To obtain a deeper understanding about the dynamic of the current development and situation of contemporary Indonesian art, a period of around one year has been used for research in Yogyakarta. The result is this book that will be of interest to both art and Southeast Asian specialists and people interested in obtaining a better understanding of Indonesian art and culture in general.

This book takes the reader on a colourful journey full of personal stories of artists, artworks and interesting exhibitions. Through personal diary records of art events by the author, the reader will feel like being on the (art) scene in Yogyakarta. Personal accounts by Indonesian artists will make the reader feel as if they are actually meeting them. "One Year on the Scene: Contemporary Art in Indonesia" invites the reader to become part of Indonesian contemporary art for the length of the book and aims to bring contemporary Indonesian art to the world.




Claudia Seise, geboren 1983, ehemalige Darmasiswa-Stipendiatin an der Kunsthochschule Institut Seni Indonesia in Yogyakarta, hat zwischen Mai 2008 und August 2009 in Yogyakarta gelebt und die moderne Kunstszene dieser Kunstmetropole Indonesiens miterlebt. Während dieser Zeit hat sie regelmäßig für die englischsprachige Tageszeitung Jakarta Post und das indonesische Kunstmagazin Visual Arts geschrieben.

Zurzeit studiert Claudia Seise im Masterstudiengang Moderne Süd- und Südostasienstudien an der Humboldt Universität. Sie schreibt regelmäßig für verschiedene Zeitungen und Zeitschriften.


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