Cover - Understanding the Causes of Vietnamese Economic Growth from 1986 to 2005

dezember 2011, 157 s., kart., format 210 x 140 mm
isbn 978-3-940132-35-2
reihe Das regionale Fachbuch


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"This book offers the result of several years of painstaking research into the process of economic growth in Vietnam during two decisive decades, 1986-2005. In terms of disciplines, the book represents a combination of development economics and modern economic history. It applies a range of carefully defined concepts from economic theory and a number of well-chosen statistical techniques, in particular regression analysis.

In addition, it offers a comprehensive overview of the state of the literature concerning the modern economic history of Vietnam. The main argument is supported by a wealth of statistical data and even supplemented by recommendations for policymakers in Vietnam."

Dr. J. Thomas Lindblad (University of Leiden, The Netherlands)




Table of contents (PDF)


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