Indonesian Women Filmmakers - Cover

Yvonne Michalik (ed.)

Indonesian Women Filmmakers

november 2013, 245 s., kart., format 225 x 155 mm
isbn 978-3-940132-63-5
reihe Das regionale Fachbuch

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While Indonesia’s film industry has experienced a rapid growth and diversification since the end of Suharto’s authoritarian New Order regime in 1998, these developments have received only little academic attention. Especially the role of women filmmakers, who have played an important part in shaping contemporary Indonesian cinema and constantly add new perspectives to it, has been widely overlooked.

The contributions to this volume analyse films directed and produced by some of the most visible women in post-New Order Indonesian cinema in terms of their specific aesthetics and narrative styles as well as the socio-political issues they deal with. The authors further explore women filmmakers’ attitudes towards feminism, highlighting how the particular Indonesian context causes some of them to describe their approach as a “women’s perspective” rather than a feminist one.

In addition to the scholarly contributions, interviews with Indonesian women filmmakers from different genres provide insights into their perspectives on gender issues and their individual experiences as women in the male-dominated film industry.

With contributions by Novi Kurnia, Olin Monteiro, Intan Paramaditha, Ekky Imanjaya, Diani Citra, Wiwik Sushartami, Jan Budweg, Sofia Setyorini, and Yvonne Michalik.



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