Arlene Castañeda / Ralph Chan (Eds.)

Common Diversities

Junge Filipin@s im deutschsprachigen Raum

january 2022, 258 pages, paperback, size 225 x 155 mm
isbn 978-3-947729-38-8
series Das regionale Fachbuch

also available as ebook (PDF)


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Geschichten und Deutungen der Herkunft und der Identität von migrantisch gefärbtem Leben.

“We not only inherit the life that our parents built for us in their new chosen home, but also a responsibility to bear the torch and put our stamp on their legacy. Not entirely Filipino, not exactly Austrian, we are the sons and daughters of a third culture—the global citizen whose home is not one place, not one culture, not one language but a beautiful and colorful quilt of all our combined identities.”
(Gerard Rababa, designer, marketing professional, communications executive)

“I started suppressing my Filipino roots in school. The less foreign I seemed, the better—or so I thought. At home, I felt that I was being constantly reminded that I wasn’t the kind of Filipina that I should be. The older I got, the more I became aware of the world and myself. I was silencing me and my version. I realized that I was silencing my authenticity.”
(Chelsea Amada)

„Ich habe mit den beiden Kulturen in mir zu kämpfen gehabt. Es gibt Eigenschaften, die auf den Philippinen gutgeheißen werden, in Österreich nicht. Aber ich bin eben so.“
(Cynthia „Cindy“ Kurleto, Model, Schauspielerin)

“This book is doing a great service to both the Filipino community and (as a part of) Austrian and German society: that of raising awareness for the values of the diversity of culture, mentality, and social origin for the communalization of individual life’s destinies and life endeavors, as they are demanded of all of us.”
(Thomas A. Bauer, Professor emeritus, University of Vienna)