Cover - The Era of General Ne Win

Larah Wessendorf

The Era of General Ne Win

A biographical approach of his military and political career considering Burmese traditions of political succession

march 2012, 134 pages, paperback, size 210 x 140 mm
isbn 978-3-940132-42-0
series Das regionale Fachbuch


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When the military seized power in Burma on March 2nd 1962, it was the beginning of one of the longest lasting military dictatorships of modern history. The driving force behind the coup d ́état was General Ne Win, in whose hands all the power was centralized. 

The present study is in the first place a compendium of the modern political period of Burma and its interaction with Ne Win, but also an attempt of a military and political biography. It further functions as a foundation to explore Burmese traditions of political succession using the example of Ne Win.



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